USMLE STEP 2 CS Examination Day and Testing


Testing Regulations and Rules of Conduct


Examination Day and Testing

Testing Regulations and Rules of Conduct

Adminstration of the USMLE Steps are monitored by test center staff, in person and through audio and visual recording. Test center staff are required to report any violations of the USMLE or test center rules. You must follow instructions from test center staff throughout the examinations; failure to do so may result in a finding that you have engaged in irregular behavior and a permanent annotation of your transcript. Test center staff are not authorized to answer questions regarding registration, examination content or format, or testing software, scoring, or retesting.

Rules of Conduct

  • If you violate these Rules of Conduct, you may be directed to leave the test center before completing your examination. Also, evidence of violation of any test administration rule, including these Rules of Conduct, will result in actions being taken under the United States Medical Licensing Examination USMLE Policies and Procedures Regarding Irregular Behavior. If you are found to have engaged in irregular behavior, your score report and transcripts will include this finding, you may be barred from taking the USMLE in the future, and your score may be canceled.

When you submit your application to take the USMLE, you agree to the following:

  1. You are the person named on the scheduling permit for the examination.
  2. You will not seek, provide, or obtain any form of unauthorized assistance at any time , including during the examination or during breaks.
  3. You will not have prohibited materials, including formulas, study materials, notes, papers, or electronic devices of any kind in your possession while you are in the secure areas of the center.
  4. You will place in a locker or cubicle all personal belongings, including cell phones, watches, pagers, tablet PCs, iPods/media players, fitness and tracking monitors, any device with transmitting or receiving capabilities (e.g., Bluetooth), formulas, study materials, notes, papers, pens/pencils, and your purse and/or wallet, before you enter the testing room (or "orientation room" for Step 2 CS).
  5. During computer-based testing (Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3), you will leave your testing station for breaks only when the break screen is visible on your monitor. It is a violation of the Rules of Conduct if you indicate on the center log that your break screen is visible when it is not.
  6. During computer-based testing (Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3), you may use a telephone or other communication device only when outside the secure testing area and during an authorized break. During Step 2 CS, you will not use a personal telephone at any time while you are in the testing center.
  7. You will not remove examination content from the test center by any means.
  8. You will maintain the confidentiality of the materials, including, but not limited to, the multiple-choice items and the case content for Step 2 CS and Primum CCS. You will not reproduce or attempt to reproduce examination materials through recording, memorization, or by any other means. Also, you will not provide information relating to examination content to anyone, including those who may be taking or preparing others to take the examination. This includes postings regarding examination content and/or answers on the Internet.
  9. You will not write on anything other than the laminated note boards (computer-based examinations) or scrap paper (Step 2 CS) provided.

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